ICSS Overview


With almost sixty years of activity, the International Center of studies on the Shroud is committed to spread the message and the lesson of the Shroud in the world. The International Center of Sindonology was established on December 23, 1959 by the the SS Sudario Brotherhood. It has the task of continuing and developing the legacy of Cultores Sanctae Sindonis, founded in ’37 by the Brotherhood and closed down in 1959.

Now the International Center of studies on the Shroud is responsible for the studies on the Shroud, in order to disseminate its knowledge. It is in charge also of the gathering and preservation of everything related to the Shroud.

It has not the mission to defend the authenticity of the Shroud. It promotes instead the studies on this icon, with a multidisciplinary approach. In fact, it has the goal to tag along scholars, researchers and experts of specific branches of knowledge which apply their specific methods and knowledge to investigate on the Shroud, not with the aim to confirm its so-called authenticity, but to go deep in its typical characters and, as far as possible, origin. So ICSS consists of chemicals, physicals, historicals, who inspect the Shroud. For this reason, their requirements are essentially the proven competence in the different domains of research and the complete freedom from prejudices, whether the Shroud belongs to the funeral kit of Christ or not.

Since 1992, some members of the International Center of studies on the Shroud have been included in the Committee of Experts appointed by Card. Giovanni Saldarini to continue studies on the preservation of the Shroud. Thanks to these very studies in July 2002 the patches sewn by the Chambery Clare Sisters in 1534 were removed.

On the occasion of the most recent exhibitions of the Holy Shroud, the International Center of studies on the Shroud has been invited to join the Diocesan Commission of the Shroud and to give its relevant contribution.

ICSS is the only center in the world officially recognized by the Papal custodian of the Shroud, to which it grants its advices. Moreover ICS works to develop scientific contacts with researchers and research institutes all around the world. Alongside its purely scientific commitment, ICSS organizes and takes part to conventions in order to disseminate its knowledge about the Shroud.


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