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The Most Holy Shroud Museum is now located in the crypt of the Most Holy Shroud Church, in Via San Domenico 28, Turin. This is the place permanently addressed to the worship, disclosure, knowing and study on the Holy Shroud. Apart from the sporadic exhibitions, it is the only place, that approaches the scientific and historical questions related to the Holy Shroud, that is permanently kept – but not visible to the public – in the Cathedral of Turin in a shielded chapel. The Holy Shroud Museum dates back to 1936 when the museum was first opened on June 14, 1936 in the presence of the Archbishop of Turin, Card. Maurilio Fossati.

The restoration work of the crypt of the Church of the Most Holy Shroud was set up by Richi Ferrero and Marina Gariboldi and began in 1997 exactly to accommodate the permanent museum of the Holy Shroud. The museum was opened in these new premises on April 15, 1998 in the presence of Turin’s Archbishop Card. Giovanni Saldarini. (See a more detailed history below).

The museum displays a complete set of information about Shroud research since 1500, gathering historical, scientific, devoutness and artistic aspects. Before the visit a video in 5 languages helps visitors understand the Shroud’s contents.

The Museum of the Shroud